Scans of The Adventurer Magazine.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Adventurer, Issue No. 8 (Summer, 1994)

1994 Article on "The Official Star Wars Insider" magazine.

1994 Article about "Rebel Assault," coming to Mac & Sega CD.
1994 Article on new Lucasarts adventure game, "The Dig."

1994 Article on Star Wars inspired 3D action game, "Dark Forces."

1994 Article on "Full Throttle" and interview with Tim Schafer.

"Working & Playing with the Actors of Sam & Max Hit The Road."
1994 Article on the wrap party for Sam & Max Hit The Road CD-ROM Talkie.

1994 Article on LucasArts space combat simulator, "TIE Fighter."

Sam & Max Freelance Police comic by Steve Purcell, 1994.

LucasArts Company Store, 1994


  1. Page 14 was an advertisement for an unrelated company so I chose not to scan/include it.