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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Adventurer, Issue No. 12 (Summer, 1996)

1996 Article on LucasArts game, "Outlaws."

1996 Article on LucasArts game, "X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter."

1996 Article on "Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight."

1996 Article on LucasArts strategy game, "Afterlife."

1996 Article on Mortimer The Snail.
Art by Steve Purcell.

Sam & Max comic by Steve Purcell, 1996

Behind the Scenes at LucasArts, 1996.

LucasArts Takes the New Consoles by Force with Rebel Assualt II and Dark Forces for Playstation.

1996 Article on Nintendo 64 games, "Shadows of the Empire."

Lucasfilm Games Company Store, 1996

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  1. Great Job you did here! Thanks for sharing the nostalgia!