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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Adventurer, Issue No. 7 (Winter, 1994)

"X-Wing Sequel Let's You Fly for the Empire."
1994 article on Lucasarts game, "TIE Fighter."

 1994 article on "Super Empire Strikes Back," for the Super Nintendo.
"Super Empire Strikes Back" is the sequel to Lucasarts best-seller, "Super Star Wars."

1994 Article on Lucasarts Air Combat Series
"Battlehawks 1942"
"Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain"
"Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe"

1994 Interview with Steve Dauterman & Hal Barwood about Lucasarts deep-space adventure, "The Dig."

1994 article on 3D graphics with "Rebel Assault" and "Sam & Max Hit The Road."

 "Sam & Max Hit the Road."
Sam & Max comic by Steve Purcell, 1994.

"The Personalities Behind the Fur."
An Interview with Sam & Max, Freelance Police and Stars of Sam & Max Hit The Road.

1994 Interview with Peter Chan, Background Artist for "LeChuck's Revenge."

 Lucasarts' Screen Saver Brings Star Wars Scenes, Characters, Artifacts, and Trivia to Your Computer.

 LucasArts Company Store, 1994

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